image "NARPLAST" company is the official representative of "Döhler" company in Armenia. "Döhler" is the world's leading manufacturer, dealer and supplier of natural ingredients and ingredient systems on technological basis, which also gives integrated solutions for the beverage and food.

“Döhler” is one of the leaders in European market in producing natural food-stuffs, extras and refreshing drinking concentrates in the world.
The Company is the first in the European markets, but it doesn’t stay on acquirement, it is strive to be world-wide leader in the field of delivery. Company’s experience & technologies of raw materials treatment enables to create new food-staffs, in which “Doehler” uses aromatic stuffs, paint, emulsion, concentrates, which correspond to the world standards. The modern customer strives to see variety in the food, and it stimulates to create new innovated food-staffs.


Armenia, Yerevan,
0053, 3/3 Teyshebain str.
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Armenia, Yerevan, 0053, 3/3 Teyshebain str.

+374(10) 47-34-47

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